Please identify this bag!

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Flap Bag or Jumbo Double Flap?

  1. Flap Bag

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  2. Jumbo Double Flap

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  1. Hi all! Arielle Lorre (Chuck Lorre’s wife) has this Chanel flap bag. On the website it’s identified as just “flap bag” but was hoping for a name so I could read reviews, etc. Her stylist said it was the business affinity but unless it’s a different version that doesn’t appear to be the case. Anyone know if it has a name? And thoughts on the bag? I am buying my first Chanel and am considering this over the jumbo double flap just to have something different. Any advice???

    A224590C-BD27-481F-8E83-182FC5D81126.jpeg 65F0D69A-65CB-4BDC-9D19-2330154A63AF.png 3AB2D9F3-299F-48CD-BA2C-E9B8FF678C5A.png