Please identify this bag... Nordstrom Autumn's Allure Sept 2006

  1. Help! I saw this bag in the Nordstrom Autumn's Allure Sept 2006 catalog, and I'd love to see it IRL. It's on Pg 75 and I don't see the designer name or price. I looked on their site and didn't see it either! Does anyone here recognize it?

  2. It looks like Marc Jacobs´s new bags.
  3. I'm so upset nobody seems to recognize this bag! I finally found a black bag that looks interesting, and just my luck, there is no info on it. It's like finding a needle in a haystack.

    I went to the MJ website and didnt't see anything like it, also checked out a bunch of other online stores. No luck yet. Hopefully someone will help me to solve this mystery! PLEASE!!!!
  4. Did you call Nordstrom and ask them? Since it's their ad or magazine, they would know.
  5. It's not Marc Jacobs.
  6. i live chatted Nordstrom this afternoon and they said it was just for the photo shoot and not a bag they carried. i am sorry i dont recognize the bag. but someone will! i just know it!
  7. Hi elongreach, I thought I might do that, but I hesitated b/c I wanted to come into the store with the pic and ask them, I haven't yet had a chance to get over there...
  8. bumblehoney, You're a doll, thanks so much for asking for me! :flowers:
    I'm so upset they don't know who makes this bag! You'd think that they would use major accessories in their ads that they carry, right? :sad:

    I just hope you're right and that some kind, sympathetic tPF'er will be able to identify it!
  9. I just checked tons of bags at Nordstroms and no luck :sad:
  10. I got the catalog too yesterday and I see a hangtag but cant find my magnifying glass to try to read it
  11. So I decided to call my nearest Nordies store just in case someone maybe would recognize it, but no luck. The SA (who was soooo nice) asked all her co-workers, who were stumped. Then she called the catalog and asked them. They said they'd get back to her. When they finally called her back, they told her they don't what it is and it's not available. :sad: She said they even tried looking through a magnifying glass at the what looks to be the name plaque.
    You would think that they would know what's in their own catalog! So the sweet SA called me back and said to try back in a few weeks, maybe they will get it at some point down the road.? But no one knows anything! ARG!:yucky: HHHHEEELLLPPP!!!
  12. Why in the world would they use a bag in their catalog that they don't sell?!?! From a marketing perspective, that makes no sense at all.
  13. I know, IndyCat!
    Isn't that the craziest thing you've ever heard? I understand they need to "stage" their models scenes. I even understand that they may need to use a prop here and there because they may not sell that particular item (ie; a beachball, a pair of skis), or some type of item that they do not normally sell. But to use a handbag as a prop, in a photo where it seems to obviously be part of, and go so well with the outfit, when they in fact sell handbags is ridiculous! Why would they do that? Did their people think they would not have people inquiring about the item?
    SORRY for my rant! I'm just so mad, it looks like a bag I might like, and it's been a while since I've found a black bag that holds this appeal to me! SO SAD. :sad: :sad: :sad:
  14. Have you gotten the fall Nordstrom catalog yet? I wish I'd kept it now, but mine came earlier this week. I notice that most of the models were using Nordies bags, MJ or Michael Kors. That was pretty much it. I'd be willing to bet it's a Nordies bag, but not one that's out in the stores yet. Check out that catalog. Maybe you'll see it or something similar. Most of the bags had a similar look to them as this one.

    I would be hugely shocked if that's not a Nordies bag. What self-respecting company wouldn't take advantage of a spread in Allure to promote their own merchandise. Makes no sense.:shrugs:
  15. I have zoomed in on the image and posted a bigger photo. Hopefully it is easier to see some details in this pic... Here's my description from what I can see: Croc Embossed leather (hopefully - can't afford real croc) tote or satchel type bag, Front pocket with swivel-lock closure, bronze or gold tone studs, adjustable straps, some sort of name plaque on the side. Can't make it out though. People with the actual photo in the catalog can probably see it clearer. It's on page 75.