Please Identify this bag for me..

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  1. Hi saw this pic in some website and someone is using this chanel, fell in luv with it,,,please anyone if you could shed some light as to what bag is this, which line is it from , it would be great

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  2. this picture is really tiny on my computer... any way you can upload a bigger photo? it would help us to help you!
  3. THanks JEnnifer for hte quick reply. I am really hopeless in copying, editing photos, i want to protect the original user, so i cant post the original photo,. I only managed to cut out this section and upload it.. :sad: tough luck i guess.

    BUt i will try to describe it. IT's size is like the small classic flap. From the front, you can see one ring on each side of the bag, and it has got a padded chain on the top. ITs shaped like a trapezium. darn it, at least i tried..if anyone can figure out this bag from my horrible description, it would be a miracle...!!!