Please identify the name of this scarf

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  1. Does anyone know the name of this scarf?


    Thank you in advance!!
  2. Yup...Jardins D'Armenie

    This is available in a cashmere 90 cm and the regular twill carre.
  3. It also is (errr, perhaps I should say, was) available in cashmere/silk GM and (((drum roll))) new for spring/summer 2008, it is available as a mousseline stole. I was so surprised when I saw it as a stole at my boutique in this exact same colorway. Needless to say, the stole now has a home in my scarf drawer.:yahoo:
  4. Ooh, how purdy!!
  5. Thank you CobaltBlu for the ID!!:flowers:

    I appreciate everyone's help -- this forum is wonderful!!:yahoo:
  6. Oh, gosh, I love that!! Is it on the H site now? I couldn't find it. I'd love to see a full view of this.
  7. I don't remember that cw in silk twill, so maybe it is cashmere. the scarf is no longer at since it is 2-3 years old.
  8. I want to see this one in a mousseline! stole? It's in the stores right now? Anyone know the bump on stoles?
  9. I just looked, that pic is the cashmere scarf 560.US
  10. Oh, thank you for that info. I didn't even think to look under "Cashmere scarves" on I love that design!

    So, am I correct that the GM cashmere is no longer available?
  11. HN, great colors. :smile:
  12. Nevermind -- someone bought it. I hope it was someone here.
  13. I really love that design and would love to have it in a cashmere GM. I would like to find it in the "right" colorway for me. Atlanta H has it in a dark green. Here's a pic they sent me of the cashmere GM. It was available as of Friday if anyone is interested in it:

  14. This exact cashmere scarf, same colorway, is currently available at Richard's in Greenwich, if anyone is interested. It's not the GM model, just the regular size.