Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

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  1. could you guys please let me know if this Togo or clemence?
    AD206044-32AE-416B-84DC-431A8401505B.png F193E886-F166-476E-96B8-CFF65FA302CE.png
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    I bought one of these a few years ago as a gift for my poker-playing Dad. It was designed to hold two packs of playing cards, which I placed in it for my Dad. I bought the smaller version for myself, which held a single deck of cards. I've never viewed it as anything beyond that but I'm sure either could function well in other capacities. Keep in mind, they are deep. They hold a 52-card deck/s of cards. For reference: in Nov 2014, the double was $680 and the single was $510.
  3. Thank you . That really helps a lot .
  4. Hello lovely people [​IMG] I need help with the color of this B35. It has been described as Rouge H (Vache Liegee), but is it really? If I search for Rouge H pictures, the color that comes up seems a lot more dark red than brown.
    Could it be, that the color has faded into a more brown color, is that even possible? s-l16001.jpg s-l16002.jpg s-l16003.jpg s-l16004.jpg s-l16005.jpg s-l16006.jpg s-l16007.jpg s-l16008.jpg
    Thanks for any input xx
  5. Looks like Rouge H in VL-IMHO.
  6. Thank you! :smile: Could it possibly also be Burgundy?
  7. It looks like Rouge H to me as well. This color can be very brown in some leathers. It is still a beautiful color.
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  8. I’m not convinced it’s Burgundy. RH has the different stitching color.
  9. Could anyone tell what it is the red color & leather for the Birkin?

    Thank you
    D4F03D6E-20EA-4626-83DC-B34C386A576F.jpeg F5921A31-FD80-439C-9579-C037E009F57D.jpeg
  10. Looks like Swift leather Rouge ViF
  11. Thank you
  12. Looks like clemence to me. Flatter and Matte grains.
  13. Great point - that is Acajou stitching, it is Rouge H.
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  14. I recently got a gold Evelyne and she’s beautiful, sitting in my closet waiting to be used.....
    Today while out I spotted what looked like a gold Evelyne but it looked kind faded and dingy to me. I starred at it with a bit of regret that I just bought that bag because it didn’t look to age well at all- butthen noticed why it looked off. It didn’t have contrast stitching!

    Did gold ever come without contrast stitching? Or is there a color very similar to gold out there? Or was this a fake?

    Attaching a pic I felt very awkward taking :yucky: