Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

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  1. I’m not sure, but it’s beautiful!
  2. This looks very much like Bordeaux to me
  3. Can anyone help identify this color? I think this is a b30 in chevre... I’m looking for a red but don’t want anything orange based. This seems pretty true red to me? Help!
  4. It would help if I posted a picture ‍♀️ Thanks!
  5. The title said it was a Demi Lune bag, but when I searched for another online, a completely different bag showed up, so what is she?
    Vintage 2002? Does she have another name?
    Thank you!
    1A574BC6-295E-4BE1-A14A-BB331E30C51C.jpeg 70676475-510A-41BF-8366-5FF0D10B30ED.jpeg
  6. I know this is an old post, but here’s the Esprit jacket in deerskin for comparison. This leather is like butter to the touch (at least in clothes; I don’t know about SLGs).
    Here’s some close ups of the images. HTH!
    9DF8E834-76B5-4EF7-B9CD-8A3633D1F30A.jpeg F9B30173-30C8-44D6-B2D8-895A85EAECB3.jpeg 1C7402E1-8E45-40B3-B175-76E57F0F52DD.jpeg FE3C7F90-4F50-4E89-8D4E-D4B0153C1D8F.jpeg 44AFE7CC-4952-4277-B7C4-EA1343589D4D.jpeg
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  7. Do older Barenia bags come with brushed hardware? When did they start making them with polished hardware?
    Thank you!
  8. Docride has a gorgeous Kelly 35 Sellier Barenia with Brushed Palladium Hardware from 1996 listed on her site.

    Have no idea how 1996 figures in the timeline for Brushed Palladium Hardware. But it does demonstrate it has been an option for at least 22 years. Hope others have more info. :smile:
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    I need help identifying this color and leather. It’s from 2006. The sales staff said it’s not Togo and it doesn’t feel as soft as Clemence. It holds its shape when empty too. No vertical veins in the leather.
    5B6F6CDF-D0B1-4F0C-B7F0-92515FE7306F.jpeg B3DF8577-D171-4C81-B25E-1FCC3EB54025.jpeg 7F8EECA4-D228-4FC4-A50B-351CF54069EB.jpeg E1CEF8DF-81D5-4CDB-8530-E1917D26E772.jpeg 3C1715DA-9F7A-4A7E-864F-BBE69537112D.jpeg D9EAC8B8-90C3-42AA-BE70-095D6FE8BE29.jpeg
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    @sparks1007 I read Barenia bags don’t have the logo in the same color as the metal and that it’s embossed into the leather like the picture you posted. If you look at the bags in this blog you can see all the Barenia bags have the logo embossed into the natural hide.
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    Hi ladies, can you ID the color on this new-to-me Bolide 31 in Clemence from 2014 (square R stamp)? It has PHW.

    I thought it was Rouge H from the listing (seller didn't know color's name) but now I'm not so sure... It seems a lot more pigmented/darker than photos I see of Brique. The main color is red but it's a bit brown-ish in some lights, a bit berry/burgundy in some. I had to go to my bathroom for a white-tint bright light that would pick up its true color. Very interesting... TIA!

    UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_18c.jpg UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_18b.jpg UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_18d.jpg
  12. That looks like Rouge H to me.
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  13. Looks like Vache Liegee in gold.
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  14. 7449CEFB-BB7A-47E1-A963-05D192F4B9C2.gif 18A20830-7CF5-4352-817B-9D3FAAA51218.gif 8C2443B0-6DF8-4411-87F0-B0B4A41F22F6.jpeg 8C6DC5FC-4A35-414D-BEDD-22C66F9C9B5F.png AED73BCC-A687-401A-9C93-18B48E775723.png 8602B00D-D17C-4F91-9FED-797C53500541.jpeg
    I think it’s darker than Gold IRL. Here’s some additional pictures that were posted on the shop’s website of the bag (top 2). But I think you might be right about the leather. I found a picture of a B40 Vache Ligee in Noisette and a B35 in Marron d’Inde. I’m not sure. They both look the same to me but I looked up Gold and it looks kind of yellow. The last photo is a close up of my bag but the color looks slightly lighter IRL because the picture was taken at night.
  15. It is very possible Noisette. You’re right gold is much lighter and yellow.