Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

  1. The last picture looks like the leather is cracking on the fold area (left top corner). It maybe attributing to the low price. I strongly recommend to read Doc’s posts and perhaps get in touch with her to care for the leather. It is a very beautiful clutch.
  2. 2FFCD365-430B-4F73-B99D-50E4BA3C21C9.jpg
    I know some ppl call it Garden File/ Garden Party File.
    Does anyone know what exactly it calls? And when did it release and discontinued?
    Many thanks!
  3. I can't find anything online about what this style is called, not even in my catalogs. Stamped T Circle, 1990.[​IMG]
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  4. Hi - can someone help me id the leather and color? I’m in love . Thank you!

  5. Looks like Bois de Rose the close up shot in the other thread was better than this one
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  6. thank you!!!
  7. My Bois de Rose Massai cut

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  11. moma, two different editions. Mine is from AW 2010, and your is from 2004 I believe.
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  12. Yes, thank you. That's what I have in my notes (as I bought this from a reseller), but I spent way too much time yesterday vainly trying to find the 2004 scarf thread here. My search skills are weak, I guess.
  13. I looked it up in Carré d'art II; Illustrated directory & rating of Hermés scarves . I think it is no 2004 scarf thread here.
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  14. Hello dears... could someone help me ID the leather / colour ?

    D stamp from 2000... is this Vache Natural or Box?

    I have a Barenia Fauve bolide - pretty sure this isn’t Barenia....

    Thanks all!

    AE777802-109F-404D-8B59-25CAE9622620.jpeg FD832405-1408-460A-BCDA-4234C2ACECD9.jpeg E7665CAB-ECB7-4ABF-A739-D288BEA22993.jpeg 8199E29A-646A-4366-82DF-D9C8C30E82B0.jpeg 60A12A6F-55D0-44D4-BE1D-A5CED52A3821.jpeg
  15. Vache natural