Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

  1. The last picture looks like the leather is cracking on the fold area (left top corner). It maybe attributing to the low price. I strongly recommend to read Doc’s posts and perhaps get in touch with her to care for the leather. It is a very beautiful clutch.
  2. 2FFCD365-430B-4F73-B99D-50E4BA3C21C9.jpg
    I know some ppl call it Garden File/ Garden Party File.
    Does anyone know what exactly it calls? And when did it release and discontinued?
    Many thanks!
  3. I can't find anything online about what this style is called, not even in my catalogs. Stamped T Circle, 1990.[​IMG]
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  4. Hi - can someone help me id the leather and color? I’m in love . Thank you!

  5. Looks like Bois de Rose the close up shot in the other thread was better than this one
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  6. thank you!!!
  7. My Bois de Rose Massai cut

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  11. Can anyone help name the brown/bordeaux color of my Soirée de Gala? The hem is navy.
    Comparison shots with brique chèvre Dalvy and reddish Trois Mousquetaires. TIA! IMG_1719.jpg IMG_1752.jpg IMG_1753.jpg
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  13. Thank you, smallfry. I'm wondering - Could it be noisette?
  14. No, not noisette. This is noisette.
    Marron/Noisette/Violine. Noisette is light brown.

    I think, like smallfry, it is prune.
    Prune:Violine:Gris .jpg
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    Aha. Now I am really confused. I have a Vie du Grand Nord similar to the one you posted, but the corner leaves are off-white and the background to the deer is rose, like the one below. Anyway, my soiree de gala is the same color as the outer border here.[​IMG]