Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

  1. Looks like chamonix to me.
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  2. Thanks! Too fragile for me then.
  3. Many thanks! I think it may actually be Butler with the chèvre inside. Unusual leather....
  4. My new to me Picotin. Year stamp M.
    Can anyone ID the leather, please?
    Seller thinks it's Barenia.
    Thanks in advance.
    DhQsJdVRRZmlS%5csyBMtg.jpg vb78ImYNS7SrAcgU17tqmQ.jpg %61R3vv5SJu1Rym9fFQGQg.jpg
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  5. Barenia she is...Congrats and enjoy that beauty.
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  6. Thank you so much Rouge H.
  7. You’re very welcomed❤️
  8. Hello all! Presenting my new Massai Cut 32 in ?? Purchased second-hand, but authenticated by our lovely @bababebi :flowers: The seller listed it as "purple". It looks and feels like Clemence leather, but I'm no expert! What do you think?
    Massai Cut 1.jpg Massai Cut 2.jpg Massai Cut 3.jpg
  9. I’d say your guess is correct it’s Clemence. Enjoy!
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  10. Thanks Rouge H! Any guess as to color?
  11. I’d guess Rouge H based on the stitching.
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  13. I just bought this beauty (my first Hermès!) on The Real Real last night, the website says the stamp is illegible. I think it may be called Pan from my searching? Any idea when this might be from?
    C194502E-10D9-4F5E-B4A0-53172FF39D47.jpeg 31D642A3-8E35-434C-8DB9-1E52E5257537.jpeg
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  14. It’s a Vintage Pan Clutch circa 80’s
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  15. Thank you so much! The only one I was able to find is listed at $3000 (in black box leather) and I got this for $495 so it seemed like a good price, notwithstanding the scratches? It seems to be a bit hard to find.
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