Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

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  1. Barenia
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  2. Oh dear... :P
  3. 43CDAAA8-0839-46BE-B51D-AA5DCFAC0C29.jpeg EFB2E11D-CCD5-4673-ABE0-2E6004EFF632.jpeg 920F1824-FECC-44CD-8CC8-73C0E1BDDC25.jpeg 6934AB32-4F2C-4B01-AC4F-1A3D2AB267FD.jpeg
    Could you post a pic of the bag?
    Here’s both VN & Barenia
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  4. Looks more like VN to me...

    The seller has it listed as Barenia (yet another website had listed the same model as Chamomix...). It is a bag with quite a bit of damage from rain drops, which in my understanding is and issue that would be easier to solve in a Barenia than in Vache...
    Here some more pics:
  5. Do you have link to listing? Your pics didn’t come through.
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  6. Think I saw this listing...don’t remember which site....if same listing was definitely VN.
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    • IMG_7638.PNG IMG_7639.PNG IMG_7641.PNG I've searched every page of this thread and every page if the Vintage Style Bags thread and can't find this style. It looks like a prototype for the Toolbox. It is box in Raisin, F in a square (2002), lined in chèvre. Does anyone know anything about this style?
  7. Could someone please tell me what this absolutely gorgeous color is The ad says colvert, but I know what colvert looks like. After an exhaustive Google and forum search I've still got nothing. It comes close but doesn't quite match any of the more common blues, so either it was a short-lived color or if the wallet's fake then they just happened to make a color nicer than the company they were trying to copy. Can someone tell me their best guess as to what this color is or the closest authentic Hermes alternative?
  8. Bleu de Malte would be my best guess.
  9. Reference photos aren't easy. Different lighting can lead to drastically different colors for what's supposedly the same color. That being said, taking another look at examples of bleu de malte, I don't know why I dismissed it before. A third of the photos look the right shade, so I'm sure that's it. Thanks a million!
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  10. Hello everyone, i am trying to find the design and the name of this bag, what is it?
    Best regards
    a.jpg b.jpg
  11. 71FB783A-7299-4DE5-AD25-850E8DC1C33A.jpeg D81385B4-FA61-4557-ABCB-E112EF749584.jpeg
    Yours is in Rouge H- Box leather- it’s called Twinny.
    Hope this helps.
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  12. Can anyone ID the leather in this Plume? The seller says VN. The stamp is not blind in any event because the inside leather is different:


  13. If this is from the last year or so I believe this is Butler. They had one of these in the NBS London store about 6 months ago.
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