Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

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  1. I agree. If it’s not Bambou (which is yellower), it’s Menthe (more blue undertones).

    Found this comparison photo posted in another thread - menthe vs bambou. Honestly, the Evelyne posted does look more like Bambou, but if the year is wrong then Menthe it is!

  2. Duplicate, sorry.
  3. Do you have the original receipt? I agree it could be bleu orage, depending on the year and other things.
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  4. That’s what I thought too. I have trouble telling the difference between Togo and Clemence at times. :P
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  5. They are very similar. If there is veining at all, it’s togo. Also, clemence has larger grains, but if someone is not familiar with the texture of togo it would be hard to tell.
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  6. 52C7009A-AFC6-46EF-8D30-4372AB977E72.jpeg Hi guys,

    I’m not sure if this is the right thread to ask, but I recently saw a picture of what was described as an Hermes bag. The bag is not for sale anymore, but I’d love to find another one in that style. I’m assuming it’s vintage and searched any keyword I could think of and couldn’t find it. Do any of you know what the bag is called and what time period it was made?
  7. I don’t believe it’s authentic.
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  8. That really helps, and explains why I couldn’t find it anywhere. Thank you so much for clarifying!
  9. You’re welcome
  10. I bought my Bambou bag 2014 but it had already been around a while
    Bambou was part of SS14
  11. Hi Papertiger! You travel in this thread also :smile: ?? It has been confirmed as menthe. Thank you so much for the help dear! ❤️
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  12. Hi guys

    Can anyone help identify the color of this Kelly? It’s been puzzling me for quite sometime. Looks like Gris M but the there’s the contrast stitching... maybe it’s a SO? My other guess is etoupe under a cool color lighting. 381823AD-EE45-4C7B-81B1-597154E76079.jpeg
  13. Etoupe
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  14. Hi! I have a dress from Les Leopards collection, maybe anybody knows what price could be for this? Because I want to sell it and have no idea about even approximately, it was a gift
  15. Hello everyone,

    Could anyone help me with this colour dilemma, please. Not so long ago I've purchased Kelly in what I thought was chevre rouge vif. The bag has K stamp, 2007. Later on I got my hands on B35(g stamp 2003) in buffalo which now I believe is indeed in Rouge Vif. Which made me realise that I was wrong about Kelly colour and it is Vermillion. Or I am completely wrong about both colours. Unfortunately, I can't compare them by insides due to buffalo being lined in buffalo and not chevre.
    Attaching photos. I apologise for my hand but that was the only way I could take away the wrong hue on photos.
    The Kelly still looks way more orange to me in some of these photos than it actually is.
    Thanks in advance!
    fullsizeoutput_36da.jpeg IMG_2134.JPG IMG_2132.JPG IMG_2135.JPG IMG_2136.JPG