Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

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  1. Does anyone know what colour this might be? It looks rather blue/green/grey?
    B1.jpg B2.jpg
  2. Hi all!

    Curious if anyone knows what color this might be? It’s a green with palladium hardware I think?

    Thank you for any help!
  3. Looks like blue agate to me.
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  4. Maybe bambou?
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  5. You are so kind to respond. I thought that too but since posting I found out that it seems it’s from 2012? Could it be bambou from then?

    Btw - your little baby in your avatar reminds me so much of my late dog (the white one in my avatar). What breed is yours?
  6. Thanks....
  7. Looks like blue orage from my screen
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  8. Menthe possibly
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  9. It could be Menthe as bagidiotic has suggested.
    Mo is a Pom. She’s my baby.
  10. Looks like bleu orage to me, what year?
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  11. Thank you so much! Very kind of you to respond
  12. Thank you again so much!

    Mine was definitely chihuahua and then I think Pom or pap. Maybe all :smile:. Best personality. Your baby is very cute.
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  13. Thanks... will need to ascertain the year. It's been a pain trying to track down the receipt!
  14. Is this Togo?
    1C76D051-12CF-4089-A50D-FB1CBFBDF007.jpeg 9505F191-1A20-43BF-AA12-C7AF6A3A6870.jpeg A04B1108-5599-498A-81E2-329ABB4E14B3.jpeg 12CCCE02-B37D-4C56-A2C4-042C6254F562.jpeg 44D289A8-990D-450D-90EF-E486392B75C0.jpeg 67BB9786-A24A-49D8-B74E-20B228B4D58B.jpeg
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  15. Looks like some very light veining on the back?
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