Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

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  1. Looks like Etoupe on my screen
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  2. That’s what I think too
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  3. Thanks, I actually thought so as well (because of the contrast stitching) but somehow it looks lighter than etoupe usually looks. Maybe it's just the light?
  4. It likely is the lighting. I agree also with your assessment that it’s Togo as well.
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  5. I wasn't sure if this is the right place to ask or if this should go in the vintage styles thread. As the latter seems to be mostly for reference and I didn't see the name for this bag in there, though, I figured I would ask here - hope that's ok! Below is my newest vintage purchase and I'd love to know the name of this bag or any other information about it that anyone here may have. I've seen pictures of this style once or twice before but never with any name or other information listed. It measures 24cm across and the date stamp is circle Y so mid-nineties. The longer strap detaches so it can be carried as a hand bag or shoulder (or crossbody) bag. Probably my new favourite day-to-night for this reason!

    I hope someone here may know more about it. Thanks!!

    IMG_3042.JPG IMG_3040.JPG
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  6. I have the Toile version of this and I'd love to know the name too. The closest reference I have been able to find is I once saw it called a "Camail" and I do know there was a small leather pochette that had the horse head logo on it produced that was called "Pochette Jockey" and I don't know if the name carried over to the larger bag or not.

    Mine is from the early 80's so it seems they had a short run of production in a few materials before being phased out.

    Congrats! I love this leather version!
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  7. Thanks!! A toile version sounds heavenly - would you have a picture of it?

    I'm going to google the Pochette Jockey!

    I have to admit when I first saw my bag in photos (I bought her online) I was not entirely sure as the style seems quite understated. But now that I have her sitting here I'm impressed with how cute she is and can't wait to take her on a night out :smile:
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  8. Here it is. The leather is white with toile front, back and strap. Surprisingly easy to keep clean as the toile is the main part that contacts anything and I can clean that with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser. Now that I know they made one up in to the 90's, it may be possible if someone has a Super Catalogue from that year to find the name of it. I haven't seen any Super Catalogues from the early 80's.


    same set up inside as yours.
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  9. Really cute! I’d no idea that toile was carefree..good to know. Is it lighter than leather?
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  10. Gorgeous!! I don't have anything in toile and am happy to hear it is so easy to keep clean. I'd love something in toile for the summer, especially love the combination of white leather and toile like your bag, it's stunning. I will have to keep a look out for something now.

    I like your Twilly on it, too! I've used a Twilly on my Kelly but had not thought about using one with this bag as the top strap is quite short. However I love the look of it!

    Could I ask you, does your bag have a section were the strap as it were has a little overlap? Mine has this and I'm not sure if the bag had this originally - I imagine it probably didn't. It looks as though someone either shortened the strap or had some damage repaired at some point. It doesn't bother me in the least as it's well done, but was wondering if it was like that originally.

    Thanks again for all the information!
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  11. Not quite carefree, but definitely not a nightmare. As opposed to getting something on leather, which would then be hard to clean, the toile cleans quickly and easily if I get a little dirt on it. It is made from the same material as fire hose, and not coated like some of the older toile Garden Party bags, so it is quite sturdy....If unlined, it is lighter than leather. I have a toile/leather Evelyne as well, and it is pretty light (and also easy to clean).

    I do think that is the way they were made. I'd have to pull it out and look, but if what I think you are talking about is on the strap, then mine is that way too.
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  12. Oh brilliant, that is good to know! Yes it is on the strap. As it looks really well done on mine I figured even if it did not have that originally, it looks like something that could have been done by H, whether as a repair or for some other reason. But it's even better if that is how they were made!
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  13. Thanks bunnycat! I think I’ll have to look for something in toile! There’s something about it that I just like!
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  14. hi all,

    I came across a Hermes birkin 25 in chevre blue electric in a pre-owned shop and was very tempted.

    i tried looking online for the same spec. birkin 25 in electric blue chevre but i can only find blue electric in togo and clemance.

    does anyone knows if Hermes actually produces birkin in chevre blue electric?

  15. It could’ve been bleu sapphir. In chèvre it looks very similar to BE. Did you happen to snap a pic?
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