Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

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  1. Hi, does one of you know if this is a vintage Hermes bag? It is a round model and the leather could be courchevel. Any information is welcome
    IMG_2719.jpg IMG_2720.jpg
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  2. The bag is called Ile de shiki. It looks like it might be courchavel to me, or maybe veau graine lisse
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  3. Hello

    Saw this bag posted on the Palo Alto new store opening thread. Can someone please help identify and possibly give more info about this bag?
    TIA :smile:

  4. Can anyone ID the specifics of this bag? Is it a Kelly Retourne 40 in Tabac? Natural? Something else? Do you think that’s epsom leather?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!!
  5. It's gold. Looks like a 35 to me. Can't see the grain to tell what leather but doesn't fall like Epsom nor does it look like Barenia.
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  6. Thanks quellefromage!

    Do you think it might be swift??
  7. Might be swift? Ooops just saw your next post.
    But contrast stitching?
  8. Could this be the new Picol bag? I remember reading something about similar version of a Picotin coming sometime this year. Was in the SMS back from podium thread
  9. Can anyone help to identify which H colours these may be? They were the freebie mini Petit H I received. IMG_20180522_195549.jpg IMG_20180522_195616.jpg
  10. Raison and sapphire? Just a guess.
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  11. Yes! Could be swift. The contrast stitch indicates Gold and Swift DOES fall like that :smile:
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  12. I do believe that it is Swift:yes:
  13. this bag is called Licol, comes in long shoulder strap in smaller size and short strap in bigger size.
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  14. Hello dear TPFers,

    My friend and I have been wondering for awhile now what leather this Kelly is - it’s from 2007 and my friend never bothered to ask what specific leather it was when she got it. At one point (soon after she purchased it) a SA from a different store said that the leather was probably togo.

    However, when compared to my togo bags the grain seems bigger and flatter, and the leather also seems to be not as matte. I guess it’s possible that the leather is, in fact, togo, but just with plenty of wear and tear over the past decade? (This bag was used quite frequently!) My togo purses are fairly new so it’s difficult to compare in that sense.

    Here are some photos, both with and without flash:





    Not sure if the photo quality is good enough so that you can see easily, but here is a comparison with an Etoupe togo - you can see that the togo looks a lot more "matte," and the grain is a lot smaller.

    And below is a photo compared with Barenia Faubourg on the left (my friend's mystery leather Kelly on the right):

    As you can see from the photos, the bag definitely has some slouch to it.
    I'm guessing it's either Clemence or maybe Fjord? Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you in advance!
  15. Agree with you on raisin but the Blues are always very tricky! You may be right on that too though its not dark enough to be indigo or neut nor bright Enough to be electric and not a neon kind of blue either.