Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

  1. looks like iris to me.
  2. Looks like Iris and Tosca to me.
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  3. What leather is this? I’m terrible at identifying leathers TIA

  4. Looks like Togo to me. It's Gold. Gold in Clemence has a slightly different tone.
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  5. (Dear Mods, I searched and could not find an “ID this Hermes” nor “Identify this Hermes” thread so I hope this is ok. If not, kindly move to the proper place. Thank you!)

    EDIT TO ADD: omg so sorry. NOW that I posted this I saw the stickies tab on top for ID!! Gah!!! So sorry! I’m on the app and it’s so tricky! Mods please move!! Sigh—-

    Can someone kindly ID color and size and model etc so that I can write it on post it’s and stick it all over my vanity so I can start saving up for this beautiful bag!!!! It may take forever but if I work towards it, one day I’ll have one too!!!!

    I saw this on YouTube. It’s Roxy Sowlaty’s pink Kelly.

    First shots are screen caps so sorry it’s not clear. But it may give indication of size.
    One shot (denim jacket) is her friend holding it. And last shot is a photo I found on Google or her holding it. I assume it’s the same? THANKS!

    IMG_4649.jpg IMG_4650.jpg IMG_4651.jpg

    I have never felt this kind of butterflies before. I never even wanted an Hermes bag but this is making my heart SINNNNNGGGGGGG. Color and size and everything! Haha.
  6. This is Roxy Sowlaty, I asked her on IG I hope for a reply to share it with u!

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  7. It's just a few thread above this in the stickie section.
  8. Hmm, it looks like the sibling of the Sac Princesse (see here for an example). I've never seen anything like that textile in a bag from the era indicated by that stamp, nor have I seen palladium hardware on a bag that age, but I certainly haven't seen every vintage bag combo out there. If you're interested in selling it at auction, Artcurial would be the place I'd go to verify its authenticity and determine its value. They have a lot of expertise in older bags in particular.
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  9. Thanks sooo much! I hope she replies too! Let me know! I will meditate on it everyday haha. One day I will get there! This is now my HG!!
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  10. My best guess is magnolia K28
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  11. Agreed. PHW retourne.....cant see the leather well enough to tell, could be swift or evercolor?
  12. I’m writing these all down. Yay! Thank you!!

    I thought it was rose poupre but you guys are the experts!!! It’s so beautiful
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  13. hc.jpg hc1.jpg
    Can someone identify this Hermes design? It has a Faco style flap and definitely vintage. The handle was detached from age.
    I can only find a "12" stamp on it
  14. I haven't seen this one...looks a little like the Dolly upside down and a little like the Palonnier. I'm sure someone here will know. Pretty bag.
  15. hello dear, can you also confirm that the colour is graphite? thanks a lot in advance
    Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 15.52.00.png 45112_2-752018121944.jpg
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