Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

  1. Ah, I see... Thank you so much for your opinion dear!! I don't know if I should forget it then. I am after a VV bag and don't look for any surprised with the color. Do you know if canopy is darker or lighter than VV?? There isn't much pics about VV on tPF and even less comparison pics with canopee and VO.
  2. Hello, can someone help confirm if this is Togo or Taurillon Clemence please? I think possibly Togo but I could be wrong! Haha. It’s a black 55 travel Birkin.

    Thank you!
  3. A42AFA24-4ADF-466E-81DC-AE8719E62FD9.jpeg 3885D058-924F-4725-9B08-2E347C1FD3DB.jpeg Can someone help identify the color of my wife’s Lindy on the left? The bag on right is bleu nuit as reference.
  4. Can you provide a pic in natural light?
  5. Looks like bleu saphir to me, but what kind of lighting is that?
  6. VV has more yellow than Canopée. The bag doesn't look like Vert Olive - VO is darker and visibly, well, olive :P What year is the bag?
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    it is natural light. Just sunshine at the boutique. Bleu Saphir looks more purpleish and this is a definite blue. I was thinking it may be Bleu Indigo?
  8. Could it be Bleu obscur or abysse, or even orage?
  9. hi all, I am unsure if this is actually Box like the advert says or whether its swift? looks shiny so I am leaning towards box but any help would be appreciated. stamp is B in square imgrc0071681478.jpg imgrc0071681479.jpg imgrc0071681480.jpg
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  10. if you have the year or stamp would be a great help! I'm thinking may even be Bleu Thalassa?
  11. Bleu Saphir in Clemence isn't purple-ish in my experience (I have two bags in it), but, you have the bag in your hands. Bleu Indigo looks black in the dark and blue in sunlight. Again - what year?
  12. Can you experieced members help me ID Tthis bag please?
    Thank you very much!!!!
  13. It’s an R in a Square, which I believe makes it 2014. The year that she got it
  14. Hello all! Was wondering

    1. What's this medor clutches leather type?
    2. Is it hard to find? Or will I come across in stores often?

    Thank you!
  15. The medor is chevre. All bags in chevre are rare.