Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

  1. Veau butler is a more recent leather is in the last 5+ years.
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  3. Veau Butler in this color does not have a brown black stamp.
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  4. Hello Beautiful ladies! Can anyone help we with what's the colour and the leather of this bag?
    Im suspecting bleu nuit or agathe? Leather leaves me confused. IMG_3052 (1).jpg image1.jpeg
  5. Baba, you are the best! Thank you. You are so generous to share your expertise - we appreciate it so much here. I feel I am learning very very very slowly. Does this color have an actual name? Thanks!
  6. Hello
    Hermes experts out there!

    First time posting on this thread. Please let me know if I need to move this question to a different forum. I saw this vintage Kelly 20 cm shoulder bag without the top handle and absolutely love the style. I am really not a big fan of the top handle and would rarely use it anyway. I am wondering if this bag has a particular name? It seems to have been produced a lot around the 1980s. Can you please tell me if any of you have ever owned this style or seen this style in person. I really appreciate your thoughts on this.
    11276083_6095155_322.jpg 11276083_6095147_322.jpg
  7. Just a somewhat educated guess here, but it looks to me as if it’s Bleu de Malte Togo.
  8. I believe, and someone correct me if I’m wrong, this is a Mini Kelly 20 cm shoulder bag first generation.
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  9. I think it's natural chamoix. I have a bolide in it
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  10. Oooh a bolide. Thanks for the info. Do you have to baby it?
  11. I agree, I often see it called some version of this also.
  12. There's quite a few threads on Chamonix. See here, here, and here. :flowers:
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  13. Wen, you are the best! Thanks.
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  14. Can anyone ID the color of this B, please!!! I would love it to be Vert Veronese but the owner of it is not sure. The color looks different in close up but I think the correct color is in the other pics. Thank you so much in advance!!!
    B7B8A2F4-0CD6-4BFE-9F29-0BA6E8BFA95E.jpeg 48037556-279B-4A17-AA58-89D87D706BA3.jpeg 224C1E4A-6AA8-4F8D-9568-B090BCF34645.jpeg 3CD7C60A-5EA9-4B88-A705-6FFE3089FB4E.jpeg FD38D1F0-6F6D-426B-8D0F-B4CF505E79C6.jpeg 7E961442-2B4E-4036-8574-6FE6E8BF6018.jpeg 611E148F-D50B-4437-8785-75910C4C6531.jpeg 070C90EC-DF62-42E3-8EDF-1393E19A0A0D.jpeg
  15. To me it looks like Canopee....but I have a lot of difficulty telling vert olive, canopee and VV apart!