Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

  1. Trench is a beige with warm undertones. I own one in togo. But may look different on canvas. I would liken it to Gris T but warmer. Its a beautiful colour will be a bit harder to care for in a herbag but definitely will go with everything .
  2. image.jpeg image.jpeg Bit of a long shot possibly, but could anyone identify the colours (particularly the blue/green side) on this charm please? I'd really like to find a twilly to match it. No matter how hard I try it always looks darker in photos than in real life. Even in bright sunlight! I'm pretty sure it is a blue with green and grey undertones.
    Also, just out of curiosity I think the purple is probably Epsom from the feel of it, but is the blue Togo possibly? One day I'd like a bag in whatever leather that is!
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    I'm not very good with H colours but the purple side is ultraviolet. Hard to tell the other one, kind of looks like malachite but usually malachite looks a little greener. Maybe it is Colvert?? Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will chime in :flowers:
  4. Thank you :smile:
  5. That is Togo/Epsom. On my monitor the blue side looks quite dark but if it's a blue-green IRL it is likely Colvert. H colors are hard without multiple images because light changes them so much.
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  6. That's great QuelleFromage, thank you! It's a gorgeous colour. Next time I'm in London I will double check with an SA in Hermes. It is quite dark, just not as dark as photos seem to make it appear. I bought it at Sevres but the young girl helping me was lovely but seemed to know less about the H colours than I do. Mind you that could be just down to my appalling pronunciation, poor girl probably didn't understand a word I was saying!
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  7. I've been trying for weeks to identify this Hermes scarf that I saw in an ad. Can anyone help?
    hermes-orange-away copy.png
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  9. I love this too! Months ago I found a blogger calling this "Sac Hermes 2002" referring to the buckle , but now I can't find the post anymore. A new version of this was on the FW2017 runway, as well as resort 2018, but no name announced so far.
  10. no, the bag itself is called Hermès 2002 :smile:
  11. Thx for the correction!
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  12. Dear H Experts,
    I want a Marwari PM very badly. This PM is listed on eBay as "Red." I asked the seller if she could identify the name of the red, or give me an idea of red vs. blue tone, but she replied that the bag is at a warehouse and wrapped for shipment so she could not help me. Reds can be so perfect or so wrong. Can any of you hazard a guess as to what shade this is? I want a bright or a blue tone red, not orange. Thank You!
    Here is the auction title
    Hermes Marwari Marwari PM Women's Shoulder Bag Red BF308413
  13. Can you post a link?
  14. It looks like rouge venetien.
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