Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

  1. mysore has pore-y skin. like small dots, sort of like coral in the ocean
  2. Congratulations on your gorgeous Kelly!! I love the color!! :loveeyes:
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  3. Mysore has a finer grain and less pronounced spine than Coromandel. This is my Kelly in Coromandel. You can see the coarser texture and the more pronounced spine.

    View attachment 3720696 [/QUOTE]

    Love the rich color of your K!

    Thanks @Hermes Nuttynut
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  4. Thank @honhon!
  5. Surprise how well it holds up it shape despite being 13years old!
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  6. Thanks!
  7. Hi,
    I'm hoping someone with more experience can help to identify the following leather. The seller states it is Clemence, but I'm thinking Ardennes but I'm not 100% sure :smile:
    Thank you in advance.
  8. Do you have any other photos? What is the date?
  9. Hi nicole0612,
    Sure here are a few with different light exposure, it is U in a circle (1991).
  10. Ardennes has a shiny look to it. And this looks shiny. I had a ardennes kelly here are a couple pics for reference
    IMG_20161201_190303.jpeg IMG_20161201_190426.jpeg
  11. It looks more shiny than i would expect from Clemence for sure and similar to your reference pic. Especially the straps seem to have more color in the center of the grain, like i see it on lighter Ardennes.
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  12. Considering the date and the photos my guess would be Ardennes also.
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  13. Thank you for confirming, now i just need to pull the trigger :smile:
  14. Hello everyone! I totally fell in love with this Herbag in an old Purse Blog post from 2014. Does anyone know what size and colour this gorgeous bag is? I love the contrast between the dark brown leather and the white/light beige canvas. I'm just dying to customize my own!!!

    Thanks for your help, xJ
  15. I'm back!! My local SA told me she found a Herbag 31 in 'Trench'. Does anyone have any accurate photos of this colour? Google images seems unreliable because I am getting a variety of results. Do let me know!