Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

  1. [​IMG]
    ANyone know the name of this devil. I love it.
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  2. 10038656-1.jpeg anyone recognise this SLG and can name it
  3. Lovely Plume! All the best!
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  4. Its a zipzap.
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  5. *
  6. Would love to know the color and leather of this 1985 Bolide 27 TIA:

  7. IMG_5367.PNG IMG_5368.PNG IMG_5369.PNG Color and year help please?

    Is it possible to take a bag to the H spa and ask for a hardware color change just because I like PHW more? Or they only change it based on the original color?
  8. Looks like vert foncé? It's lovely.
  9. Looks like Tabac Camel. Year 2008. Hardware matches to the Hermes made in stamp dont think you can have it changed at spa
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  10. Does anyone know what color / leather this is? I am guessing Gold (or maybe Camel) in Courchevel?

  11. Gold Courchevel
  12. Hi fellow Hermes lovers,

    I just picked up a Preloved turquoise k28 from reseller and was told it's chèvre. It has a H stamp in square (2004 bag). Understand that there are few versions of Chèvre so would appreciate if you can help me to identify exactly which version is this. Thanks in advance !!!

  13. mysore
  14. honhon, how does one tell? Just for my information--it interests me.
    bunny--gorgeous bag! Enjoy!
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  15. [QUOTE ="Mindi B, post: 31401129, member: 39362"]honhon, how does one tell? Just for my information--it interests me.
    bunny--gorgeous bag! Enjoy![/QUOTE]

    Mysore has a finer grain and less pronounced spine than Coromandel. This is my Kelly in Coromandel. You can see the coarser texture and the more pronounced spine.

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