Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

  1. Would you know what this color is? I cannot recognise the year stamp. TIA.
    1_f-4.jpg 11_f.jpg
  2. And the leather I would like to confirm as well, if you have time. The seller calls it Togo. It looks rather shiny, glossy....
  3. Not sure if this is the right place... I bought an old Pullman but am unable to identify its age as the only stamp I can find is what looks like 26.
    Love the bag but haven't had the right occasion to take it out yet.
    Many thanks IMG_0277.JPG IMG_0290.JPG IMG_0330.JPG
  4. Rouge H!

    Togo used to be much shinier but could that be Ardennes? Someone here will know if this bag was made in Rouge H Ardennes.
  5. wow. the seller calls it brown. I would have never guessed Rouge H, maybe brique, I was thinking.... Ardenne would be beautiful...

    Thank you, QF.
  6. and....someone took it.... I is a beautiful bag. I hope it found a good home.:flowers:

    I am very much into plumes currently,....on the weekend, I was late for a bag and then a few hours later my "backup" was gone as well :oh:.... I guess, plumes are becoming more popular....
  7. It's super red on my monitor. This color family can be very deceiving in photos. I have photos I took myself of my Noisette Kelly in which it looks exactly like Rouge H. So sorry you missed it. I too am loving Plumes in my head lately :smile:
  8. FYI, this bag appears to have been relisted if you're interested.
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  9. This seller is always getting coiors and leathers wrong. That said, in the listing it looks more brown. Rouge H can look this brown, but an expert will know from zipper, stitching, etc., if this could be Brique or similar. Sorry I can't be more helpful :P
  10. MommyDaze, thank you!
    You are helpful QF! Thank you for your time and expertise.
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  11. Hi there, would like some help from the experts :flowers: Do you think this is chamonix or vache?

    [GALLERY=media, 2606][/GALLERY]
    [GALLERY=media, 2607][/GALLERY]
  12. can you show us from more of a distance and show the heat stamp? :smile:
  13. The listing says it's F square stamp so I am going with Togo. You may be right about Brique, it's quite warm :smile:
  14. The heat stamp is on the inside (on chevre?) though, but anyway, here are the pics, hope it will give a better idea.
    [GALLERY=media, 2614][/GALLERY]
    [GALLERY=media, 2615][/GALLERY]