Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

  1. Thank you my dear---need to id this dang bag!!
  2. IMG_1492440124.330198.jpg


    Sterling Silver ring
  3. Fabulous Kelly! Thanks so much for your response!
  4. Hi my dear, I went to check to see if I could help...did you figure it out?
  5. IMG_1492576216.937174.jpg
    Can anyone identify this color?
    Its P stamp ( year 2012 )
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  6. Looks like canopée which did come in croc that year (can't see closely enough but looks like croc not gator)
  7. I thought so too, but at the same time it also looks like vert veronese,
  8. Hi everyone. I'm wanting to buy my first Birkin and got offered a red (not sure which type of red yet) size 30. However I'm not sure if I want the 30 or 35 more...
    I'm slightly more inclined to Size 35, only because it seems to be more classic and chic. I never carry much stuff so the volume/capacity isn't the determining factor. It's all about the look; and I'm not sure if 35 will look good on me?

    I'm 167-168cm (5.51 feet) tall and am quite slim (49-50kg).

    I saw some pictures of Victoria Beckham and her bags, they all seem to be size 35? And she looks good with them although she's very slim and is not very tall.
    Can anyone confirm the size of those following bags she's holding?

    Thanks so much in advance!!
    IMG_1492913423.415973.jpg IMG_1492913435.087067.jpg IMG_1492913443.979351.jpg
  9. I believe they are all 35s. IMO there are two reasons why they look great on her even though she is small:

    1) her posture is perfect and she's always in heels, which elongates her line, and

    2) she carries them with an air of absolute authority. She is carrying the bag, the bag is not carrying her. It's attitude, not size.
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    Dears, really need all your expert's advice on this. I recently bought a B35 graphite swift. It's beatiful but I think the colour is too dark so I relisted the bag. So gives me time to think if I want to keep the bag or sell it.

    Today someone commented on the listing that the leather is 'evergrain' instead of swift. I checked with the seller, she said she no longer has the receipt so can't be certain.

    I'm not questioning its authenticity, I just want to find out what exact leather it is. My friend has a swift bag but not in B/K and, from what I remembered, mine doesn't look that different.
    Here is the picture of the bag and close up of the leather:
    IMG_8953.jpg IMG_8954.JPG IMG_8961.JPG
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  11. what was the stamp year
  12. It's stamp 'L'
  13. Look swift to me
    Evercalf or evergrain has more visible marble
  14. first i thought ardennes?? but an L? probably not ardennes then
  15. The grain isn't that big, it's just I did a close up. I've compared to some evergrain picture online, it doesn't have any vein at all.
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