Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

  1. Hello ladies!
    I downloaded this photo a long time ago from the Purse Forum, but I can no longer find the original post. Can someone please provide the specs of this beautiful Kelly? The jpg name is original but it did not help in my search. Many thanks!
  2. Well, it's not a high-res image, looks like a retourné in Togo but it's got a nice sharp shape. I'd put it at a 32 but impossible to know without knowing the size of the person carrying it. My guess on color is Bleu Obscur, but take a look at the blues reference thread. Sorry I can't help more :smile:
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  3. on my screen look like kelly 32 ret. colvert in dark light... i see lot of green undertones on it, but not sure
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  4. Thank you, QuelleFromage & MARTY1975! :flowers:
  5. Thank you QuelleFromage!
  6. Isn't it gorgeous snowbuns!
  7. Help please! Anyone know what the leather is on this Kelly?

    Thanks so much for your help! Unnamed image (91).png
  8. Looks like Gulliver pre Swift
  9. Hi there,

    I just saw this gorgeous Carmen Duo on the H site. The colors said "Cornelian orange" and Azalea. Does anyone know what color this orange is? It looks red in the picture. Is this a new color or just a bad translation of an existing one.

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  10. Kelly Killoren Bensimon posted it on Instagram recently. I haven't seen it before. New for SS2017? Do we know what leathers/colors it will be available in? Price?

  11. My first thought was, "wow, that's a really big Evelyne!" But after a quick google search, it looks like a Feu2Dou Shoulder (if it's authentic).
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  12. Hi! This is me (and my Kelly)!

    It's a 32 Retourne Colvert, Togo PHW.
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  13. It's Cornaline (3B) and it looks like a reddish burnt orange. I don't have any large pieces in it but it's on a few of my Rodeo charms.
  14. Box calf.
  15. To me it looks like a retourne K32 in bleu orage or possibly bleu obscur in togo.

    Hope you can find one!
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