Please ID: what color, size, leather, design is this?

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  1. #1 May 31, 2016
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    Please post your questions here about Hermes items, if you are unsure as to color, leather or the name of the item. For questions relating to authenticity, please post in the relevant threads (for bags, accessories and scarves). Please do not post items if you do not know they are authentic - thanks!
  2. Hello. I'm not really good at identifying Hermes leathers. Can anyone help me identify these 3 photos? Thanks very much! 🤗
  3. i think they are togo,,,,but it will be helpful to know the magnified level of these leathers
  4. This is my Evelyne in Noir
  5. Sorry I am not sure how to upload multiple photos at the same time. This is my Raisin So Kelly. I'm inside my room and the lighting is a bit bad
  6. And last my Jypsiere
  7. I believe it's Clemence, Togo, and Togo. Clemence has slightly larger grains than Togo.
  8. Clemence. Your other bags do look like Togo but you should be able to tell by the hand if they are a different leather than the Evie. Clemence will feel thicker and a bit softer - the skin itself will literally be a little thicker and heavier. Very nice collection btw!
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  9. Thanks very much QuelleFromage! 😊😘 I find it very hard to classify these two leathers and I keep forgetting what leather it is after I bought them LOL 😂. Indeed the Evie feels different than the others plus it is also heavier. I will have a Picotin PM in Barenia on the way and I'm looking forward to add it on my collection.
  10. if its evelyne its probably Clemence Taurillon. The other 2 are probably togo
  11. Thanks very much honhon! 😊😘
  12. Thanks very much weN84! :biggrin::biggrin:
  13. The Jypsiere is in clemence.
  14. My take is clemence, clemence, Togo. I find Clemence has grains that are more triangular
  15. I love this thread really !
    There are so many different grains and versions of Togo and Clemence...

    A good thing is to take a picture of the entire bag, from a distance, natural light. And watch how sides and seams behave, because they do differ according to leather. But that t could easily turn into a visual torture for the unexperienced viewer.
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