Please ID this purse...i'd love you forever!!!

  1. hiii there, so i'm very new to LV purses, i just discovered my newfound passion for LV. I seem to also have a tendency to pick discontinued bags!

    I am looking for a bag issued in 2005? i believe it was limited edition and is a canvas tote bag with a stamp with a circle in the middle of it (it came in blue, red and other colors?) it also had buckles on the side; i'm looking for the larger sizes (how many sizes did it come with?) anyways, i'm really hoping someone can give me an official name of the bag as well as how i should go about looking for this bag...i know the LV stores have 0 :crybaby: i hesitate going to eBay for this bag...any suggestions ladies?

    please help! i am dying for this bag! THANKS!
  2. Oh that's the trunk tote..... Not sure if that's the exact name though.
  3. globe shopper
  4. Globe Shopper..I think?

    I love it too :biggrin:
  5. ahh you ladies are the best! but now what do i do? how do i go about tracking one down! I want one. i NEED one!:love:
  6. evychew~i love that too, but if you want to get this listion authenticated, i'd suggest post it in the Authenticate thread in the sub forum :smile:
  7. oh no... more questions! how many sizes/colors did this come in? also, which size do you think is the cutest? SORRY!
  8. That's gorgeous!! I love the red one the best.

    I agree with Classic Chic on posting it in the authentication thread before bidding.
  9. oh gosh i love this bag!!!!
  10. which size do you gals recommend, small or large. ive only seen the small one in person, never the large one (perhaps i need to get both!!!) this could be very bad for my credit card!!!! :nuts:
  11. The Globe Shopper Cabas was made in 3 sizes: PM, MM, and GM. It came in only three colors: Red, Blue, and Jaune [blue].

    I'm no gal, but I recommend the MM!
  12. and i recommend the blue!

  13. Darn it... Sorry... Jaune is yellow.

    I would recommend you get blue! :graucho: