Please ID this BV - Style, Color, Age - Post here!

  1. Hi :biggrin: thanks for replying. I just looked at the link and no, it's not as big as this and the top handles are not placed as far apart (no buckles either). I'm going to head out again today. I'm sure I can take pics since I was allowed to take pics of the mangue Bal bags on Monday.
  2. Another's not as pricey as this one either...costs less than the Roma too which is nice :p I'll ask the SA if they have a name in their computer system or their catalogue. I'm sure they'll indulge me.
  3. Ok I took some pics today. This lovely satchel is $2850 cad and there are 4 hidden magnets which help keep things safe. There is a slender cross body strap. There are really 5 compartments with other small pockets.

    Bottega Veneta mystery bag 1.jpg Bottega Veneta mystery bag 2.jpg
  4. Ah, i'm curious ~ [and , true, i'm sure they'll indulge you] :smile: Would love to hear what you find out

    edit : oh, i just now noticed the pictures ... a lovely find! and, like you, i'm stumped ... maybe originally from the men's line? someone on here will probably/hopefully know ...
  5. somewhere in the bag there is a white tag sewn in
    in the authenticate thread, if you post a picture of the bag and tag
    someone will be able to give you info on it
    the color looks like torrent to me
    but not sure


  6. missmoimoi - not all BV bags have a name and this style is one of them. I could tell you however that it's from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection, it's made of light calf leather and the official color name of the bag is Forest.

    Forest is a great shade of green! I like it better than the other green this current season called Irish Green that dominates the Women's collection. I've only seen 2 pieces of Forest in the F/W Women's line... this bag and a textured calf double-zip wallet. Other Forest pieces are mostly in the Men's collection.
  7. ^ wow - great information!
  9. Can anyone ID this colour? The seller says it's from 2011.
    T2QC1yXopXXXXXXXXX_!!508120967.jpg T27mSyXbhaXXXXXXXX_!!508120967.jpg
  10. ^It might be Sunset, from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection.
  11. could be yolk that was a saturated yellow
  12. I googled the seller, found the bag, and the color code is consistent with Sunset, from SS2012.
  13. Hi, a friend from Japan is selling her Bottega Veneta. Can anyone please enlighten me what its called??? Thank you in advance!
    1.jpeg 2.jpeg 3.jpeg 4.jpeg
  14. [this bag is made of marco polo material
    marco polo is treated canvas
    they use it to make their luggage line
    I have not seen this bag before but it is definitely a keeper

    QUOTE=ckbcosio;22611963]Hi, a friend from Japan is selling her Bottega Veneta. Can anyone please enlighten me what its called??? Thank you in advance![/QUOTE]