Please ID this BV - Style, Color, Age - Post here!

  1. Looks like I left out a word or two...I am wondering if it has a name...
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    Ah this is the famous
    No-Name-Shoulder-Bag-Cinched-Tote-Convertible-Strap-Bella --
  3. Thanks Californiagal!
    I was wondering if that could be the "Bella". I saw two of them at Saks, one in nero and one is what the tag said was chocolate brown. It was lighter than ebano, but still a dark brown.

    It is one beautiful bag!
  4. I think Saks just makes up color names and doesn't use the BV color names. .. so then we have to decipher what color it is.
  5. Yep, and they make up style names, too.
  6. it has no name
    i wish they would name all the bags makes it so much easier to reference

  7. Well, it has no name officially with BV - but here it is the Bella Tote!
  8. Here's another one I'm having trouble indentifying..

    BV is calling it the "Parachute" on their website .. comes in that yummy Uluru (sp?) color.

  10. Thanks CaliforniaGal,

    I thought it might be the parachute, but a couple things don't look right to me. The website dimensions say it is 12.5 long and from the picture I attached the bag looked a bit longer. Also it doesn't seem like it has the pleats that runs from the bottom of the handle down the front of the bag. But, the hardware looks dead on.
  11. Ya, I see what you mean .. maybe just a slightly different angle. Pretty bag!
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    Helli, BV lovers.
    I hope you can help me.

    I am looking for this bag by Bottega Veneta.

    I managed to find the link but can't figure out the official model name for this bag.
    Could you tell me if it is a classic bag that comes out every season and easy to find? Or is it a particular model only for 2009 SS??
    I actually spoke to an SA in London but he doesn't seem to know which bag I am talking about...

    I would love to get hold of it but cannot find it anywhere in Europe... (I don't particularly want to purchase it from the US)
    Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!! :yahoo:
  13. Nothing on that link. Maybe look through the "Winter 09 season" thread to see if it's there?
  14. CaliforniaGal, your intuition is great! In the Fall/Winter 2008/2009 catalog, the name is Intrecciato Nappa Shopper, original retail $3800. The style number is 200662/VHBE1.

    It's not a style that is made every season, but there may be a few in outlets somewhere. You have a number for the bag now, maybe the London SA can at least search on the computer for you. In addition, if you know of reputable European outlets and consignment shops, check with them.

    Good luck!
  15. CaliforniaGal and boxermom,

    Oh, thank you thank you thank you!!
    Now i can call the shop again and ask him to find it somewhere in europe.
    I now realised that it is not even from 2009 SS collection (it is from 2008AW collection, right?), so chance might be slim but will try!

    thank you very much again! :smile: