Please ID this BV - Style, Color, Age - Post here!


  2. ^^ Wow, what a find!
  3. 2510 is the colour code for Noce!
  4. noddanard, if you do a search, 6305 is eclipse;)
  5. It was an impluse was on sale for $639 + 25% off...the original tag said $1450...I had to get it!!!

    It had the Bottega care guide but not the identication card...anybody familiar with this clutch?

    What's the name and is it this years model?
    DSC00438.JPG DSC00439.JPG
  6. Thanks : ) Lululala.
    I just found that out too.
    Wish it's Crimson...sniff sniff
  7. I think this is a sunset clutch circa 2007 ...
  8. Has anyone seen this style before? Capri-like handles but not a Capri ...

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  10. can anyone put a name to this poor, unloved bag? ( if she comes home with me, she'll undergo some serious restoration... )
  11. this is the folio bag in crimson

  12. 6303 is crimson 6305 eclipse 6210 carmino 6401 cassis

  13. maxi veneta?

    mehr mussarat bottega.jpg