Please ID this BV - Style, Color, Age - Post here!

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  1. Thank you how interesting. I also picked up a Chanel bag, same estate and it dates 2000-2002 so this does fit. ever seen anything like the pottery and glass strap? I actually got a 3rd one, but it's your more common looking bag, so I didn't post. Is it possible for vintage there are no numbers inside?
  2. Ok going to check out the cocker, thanks for this! I was at a loss. Just vintage enough to go huh??
  3. I see exactly what you mean!
  4. Could be from the people that originally owned BV before Pinault
  5. Thank you VON! I did not buy it . Hope it went to a good home!
  6. 6BA25AF7-FDF6-4616-AD66-B54715F20870.png Apologies in advance - I’m a complete BV beginner.. could someone give me the lowdown on this one please?
  7. It's Marquise Veneta from (I think?) Spring 2007. :flowers:
    It was the "Special Seasonal Veneta" done for that season.
  8. Wow what knowledge! Thanks so much, V0N!
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  9. Not authenticating this specific bag but I just bought one in the same style from the Livermore outlet. It doesn’t have the suede lining though.
  10. It’s the baby bag
  11. I thought this was called a drop bag or something...

    Not my photo, but I thought this was the baby bag?:
  12. Oh you’re right sorry
    So many old styles
    I got confused
  13. Can you help me figure out this color - just picked it up in the Livermore outlet! [​IMG][​IMG]