Please ID this BV - Style, Color, Age - Post here!

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  1. 7ED138CF-F40C-48CF-A3CE-AADC36846787.jpeg Hi, anyone knows name of this bag and which year was it released? Thanks.
  2. Please post photos of the tag inside (front and back) and a photo of the heat stamp.
  3. I do not have those. Bag is available for sale from a reputable online retailer and am thinking of getting it.
  4. It looks like a Drop Bag, but as @Mousse wrote, a pic of the tag would confirm it. They used to make it in the metallics like copper rame but I think the full Intrecciato versions are outlet exclusives now. :flowers:
  5. I will try to get the tag. Bag looks cute but wonder practical to get small bag for hands free days.
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  7. The Drop bag does not have a long enough strap to use as a crossbody bag, and it's not a good length for shoulder carry. I've added an extension to mine to make it work, so bear that in mind.
  8. The drop bag is not a cross body bag
    It was not designed to be crossbody
  9. Thank you indiaink and septembersiren for the crucial facts about the strap. I will have to pass this bag then.
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  11. Hi! I got this bag in an estate. The woman had some taste. This has never been used, has a number on the label inside and 2 cards about how all the pieces on the strap are glass, pottery and leather. It's a cross body. Really interesting but I can't find anything like it and was hoping someone may know something! Here it is-- IMG_8700.JPG IMG_8700.JPG IMG_8701.JPG IMG_8706.JPG IMG_8707.JPG IMG_8708.JPG IMG_8797.JPG IMG_8799.JPG
  12. And another. This one is metallic and leather. pockets that open on each side. I'm guessing in the early 2000's? Anyone ever seen it before? Thanks! Melissa IMG_8692.JPG IMG_8693.JPG IMG_8694.JPG IMG_8695.JPG IMG_8696.JPG IMG_8697.JPG IMG_8698.JPG IMG_8699.JPG
  13. This is vintage
    Before Tomas Maier
    He came to BV in 2001
  14. This also is vintage
    It could be the forerunner to the cocker