Please ID this BV - Style, Color, Age - Post here!

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  1. Does this have an official name? If you have it, is it a bottomless pit? And is the braided handle comfy on the shoulder? I have the Cocker but cant wear it on the shoulder comfortably due to the shape.
  2. I would imagine that is very similar to my small hobo. On mine, the drop is pretty short. It's an armpit bag. It is fairly comfortable. I don't think I could wear it over a coat or thick sweater.
    here's one on ebay:
    The handle on the one on ebay seems to have more braiding than in your picture. I wonder if they are different sizes.

    ETA: Here is yours:
    The measurements are different. The strap measurement says 1.95 inches, which doesn't make much sense.
  3. Saw this canvas&chain bag carried by a young girl in metro. Would like to know more about it! Year/season, name, retail price? Dear experts, do you know something?

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  4. It looks like a variation of the Sardegna Tote I think they were from around 07/08 and were probably like $700-ish dollars :flowers:
  5. It was canvas
    It came in oceano and a red and I think a yellow
    I think it was SS ‘08
  6. Thank you so much!:flowers:
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  8. If you like the Veneta, then I suppose you’d like this... isn’t it just the non-woven version? I’ve never seen one of these IRL. It looks just as soft, although probably not as roomy, as the baseball or loop...
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  10. Thank you! So, it's an armpit bag. The baseball and loop have more of a drop, right?
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  11. Yup.
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  12. I believe @indiaink has had a few of these. Maybe she can help with your inquiries, or direct you to any photos if she posted them.
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  13. That is the Sunrise Veneta, it is a special edition bag. It's equivalent to a large woven Veneta, and holds a crap-ton of stuff. I carried a tan one to our 2014 California meet-up. I also had this in a beautiful burgundy red. While not intrecciato, it is Cervo, and it, by now, is always a lovely puddle of smooshy softness. I ultimately realized I just don't carry enough to keep this big beauty. I find the term 'armpit bag' to be one of my new grammatical pet peeves, so all I'll say is this can be a shoulder bag, and if you wear a heavy coat, not as comfortable; then it's hand-carry.
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  14. Thanks! I'm looking specifically for cervo, but I'm afraid it probably is too big for me.
  15. Well, all the Sunrise bags have been Cervo, so .... Anyway, interesting I love the Baseball but the volume is re-directed, somehow. I don't mind N/S, but E/W is not good for me. :amazed::nuts:
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