Please ID this bag

  1. Hi PFers

    Just wondering which bag this is.. and maybe the price as well?

    p.s I think it's Mischa Barton carrying it...
  2. its either the modern chain or the lady braid i forgot! they look alike :biggrin:
  3. It's a Lady Braid Flap. I think price is about $1995.00
  4. ^ yes, it's the lady braid flap, lambskin, very small, smaller than the MC flap. But I like the MC flap more, too much going on on the lady braid flap strap.
  5. ^lady braid flap. i think it's cuter than the regular lady braid purse.
  6. Hikaru, I tried on the flap bag the other day, actually I can fit everything I had in my MC flap. It is a very cute bag, but I decided to go against it, because I like big bags usually. I only have a few small bags for reason.:yes:
  7. thanks to everyone for helping me out!
  8. oh one more question. which season is this bag?