Please ID this bag!

  1. Hey guys! I am looking for my first Chanel bag and it would be great if anyone could tell me the name and price of this bag Nicole is wearing. Thanks in advance :nogood:
    nicole22.jpg nicole24.jpg nicole23.jpg
  2. that is vintage, sweetie! do a search- im sure u will find something! i saw a red one on eBay recently. im not sure if it's still there! i'll do a check on eBay for u right now :smile:
  3. Yep, this has been discussed several times, and it's vintage. It's similar to a Grande Shopping Tote, though, so you might want to check those out.
  4. thanks so much for your help! it looks a bit big now that i look at it haha. i'm really liking the petite shopper totes so i might end up getting that instead =)
  5. you're welcome! ;) i don't think it's too big at all! nicole's really petite and it looks great on her. that woman can pull anything off imo. lol! i think the pst is a bit small but if u love it, then go for it!
  6. i'm nicole's size and have this bag and it's quite perfect. the short chain straps are great (i prefer that they don't have the leather piece like the pst and gst) and it's a nice everyday size. i also love that the top is totally open so i can stuff it full if i need to (the downside is it's not as good for travel since you can't zip it shut). i've noticed it selling for about $1000 on ebay.
  7. it does look really nice on her but i prefer getting chanel bags from a department store or from the chanel boutique, and i can't seem to find this bag anywhere other than ebay. but ebay has a lot of fakes and i'd hate to get one for so much and find out it's fake later. a few of my friends have gotten fake things from there.

    thanks for replying and stuff everyone :biggrin: please answer my other thread as wellll.