Please ID these Christian Louboutin Wedges

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  1. Looking for a style name and what colors folks have seen...Thanks!

  2. I believe these are called "Materna" (style name) -- color-wise it really depends on what each store/boutique ordered it in (stores can order Louboutin shoes in whatever color they want). Besides that camel/tan color, I've seen the pinkish nude and black. But I'm sure there are many other colors of this "Materna" that I haven't seen.
  3. they also come in cork, copper patent.
  4. Thank you both so much! I knew the experts on Purse Forum would know the answer:nogood:
  5. they also come in bubblegum pink i have them
  6. I have them in the color in the picture and I LOVE them!
  7. oh, and they also come in black