Please ID the Jacket and Scarf!

  1. Does anyone know who makes her jacket and scarf? I really love how it cinches in at the waist! It looks like leather to me too.

    80206p1_bilson_r_b_gr_07wtmk.preview.jpg 80206p1_bilson_r_b_gr_03wtmk.preview.jpg 80206p1_bilson_r_b_gr_01wtmk.preview.jpg
  2. Jacket could be Mike & Chris
  3. Its leather.. but I dont think its Mike & Chris.... Never seen it before.
  4. I say Mike and Chris for the jacket. Try Tolani or Love Quotes for similar scarves. ;)
  5. Just double checked- jacket may not be Mike and Chris after all. Sorry!
  6. no idea, but she looks absolutely adorable from head to toe
  7. Thanks for all the responses!

    Too bad no one knows who makes the jacket. I'll just keep my eyes open. The scarf is really pretty too!
  8. i like her shoes...
  9. Her shoes are CL Mad Mary's