Please ID Stehpanie Pratt's top, shoes and bracelets

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  1. Does anyone know where Steph's top, shoes and bracelets are from?



  2. Can someone ID HER NECKLACE
  3. Those sandals are too cute!
  4. Would love to know about the sandals too!
  5. bump, does anyone know where her sandals are from?
  6. love to know about that sandals too ,,,,
  7. As Vlore previously said the sandals are Mystique. Any ID on the necklace???
  8. francyFG I couldn't find the exact ones. Do you have a link?
  9. ^^^ nope, sorry...
  10. The necklace looks like Helen Ficalora, a lot of stars wear her necklace charms with initials etc.. I have the same one..I don't have a close up pic of her so I cannot say 100% but almost...
  11. simone72 I also think the necklace is by Helen Ficalora. Could you say how much a necklace costs? (or a charm)
  12. The necklace itself is about $100 and each charm is also around $95 to $100, now if you want the charm with the little diamond its more so a simple necklace and two charms is $300.