Please ID Serenas bag se2ep5

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  1. Its the brown, oversized bag she goes to school with and you get a glimpse of it when shes approaching the stairs. I have looked EVERYWHERE for a photo or screen shot, but with absolutely no luck.

    This was the best i could do, its at 4:57-4:58

    i am dyiiing to find out what it is... if you know PLEASE tell me,

    thaaaanks :sweatdrop:
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    I don't know who makes the bag, but I got the screen caps in case nobody else wants to wait for the vid to load!

    they're not that great since it appears for such a short time and it's really hard to time it right (and the video's blurry to begin with)...maybe somebody else will have better luck with that.




    sb.JPG sb2.JPG
  3. ah, diamond.. thanks for putting the screen shots there.. :smile:
  4. ^^no problem :smile:
  5. It's the Hayden-Harnett Corcovado in Cordovan.