Please ID Rihanna's Black leather Jacket

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  1. Quote:
    Originally Posted by LaLohan [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I'm loving this jacket.... Hate to bother you gals again...but does anyone know who makes this...:drool:
  2. Any suggestions?:crybaby:
  3. i was guessing D&G...but not so sure...I love her t-shirt
  4. Yep thats the bag, in the background. The tee is cute too.

    I still haven't found the jacket though. I know tpfers are great at tracking clothing and accessories....So if anyone sees it please post... Thanks again ilovepurse007:hugs:
  5. The tee you like I'm pretty sure is by trash & luxury..It's a new brand that all the celebs are wearing....
  6. Ohh I love her jacket too. Unfortunately I have no clue, but man is her dog cute or what!!
  7. ^^^I totally agree. I wish I could get the whole outfit. :tender:Cute puppy included
  8. I want to say her jacket is Prada (I've seen them do those metal holes before on bags and jackets) but I an not 100% sure. Zipper pull looks like Prada as well. I will be back ... :sneaky:
  9. Thanks H_addict
  10. Does anyone know who makes the white shirt her friend is wearing?
  11. trash & luxury makes the tee
  12. Ok ladies so this is what we got so far...
    tee shirt= trash & luxury
    Bag= D&G someone posted an exact link

    Jacket= there are some suggestions so hopefully we'll get an answer soon...
    So if anyone even sees a similar Jacket please post
  13. bump;)
  14. sry haven't been able to find anything, goodluck and if i run into something i will let you know. things like leather jackets are harder to find as far as "similar style" goes opposed to dresses.

    again, goodluck! nice jacket! she's hawt.