please ID old vanessa hudgens bag

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  1. Please help, I'm a newbie. What bag is this? Thanks!
  2. it's a miu miu bow bag..

  3. Miu Miu Bow Satchel in Alluminio :smile:
  4. just a word of warning, other tpfers who drooled over this bag after seeing it on v.hudge who got it, turned out it has some quality issues, something about the (sealant?) cracking along the edges of the bag.

    I think this only happens on the older bow satchels, tho I'm no Miu Miu expert.

  5. Ugh, I love this bag. It's what got me to where I am today with my addiction. LOL! And RaquelleBelle is right. It does have some problems but GOSH, I love mine!
  6. Thank you! This forum is so helpful!!
  7. The only place you can possbily find this bag is on eBay. This bag was a very popular style & color so it went very quickly.
  8. omg this is the bag i want!!!! droool. is there a miu miu outlet? does anyone know?
  9. I totally hear you I love this bag and would love to get my hands on it.