Please ID Kendall Jenner's boots

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  1. Thanks! :flowers:

  2. I like to know who makes Kim's jacket too. Love the detailing on the arm.
  3. kim's jacket is rick owens :smile:
  4. do you know now? I love it too
  5. I want Kendall Jenner's boots too
  6. I just posted a similar response in another
    Thread, so my apologies if this sounds redundant!

    Have you checked their stylist's blog? Her name is Monica Rose, google it and it will come up. She dresses all the girls and will give details on their outfits in her blog. You can try emailing her or tweeting her too. So many people are curious and I'd imagine if 5+ People start asking she will confirm it. Good luck!! :smile:
  7. This. I have emailed Monica about things in the past, and she always emails back.
  8. thanks