Please ID dress on model Jeisa Chiminazzo

  1. No, she's not super-famous...but I still think she goes into the celebrity section :p


    It looks like HL, but does anyone know its name?
  2. Azzedine Alaia maybe?
  3. He makes bandage dresses???
  4. Hi guys, I posted this on the celeb ID thread but to no avail since the girl in question is not really famous (she's a model).
    But I'm dying to know who made her dress and if possible, what the name of the design is:
    I think that it's BEAUTIFUL!
  5. looks to me like vintage Alaia . I like it too
  6. Looks like Alaia to me too.
  7. Thank you, ladies!
  8. Alaia designed/made the original bandage dresses in the 1980's. Herve Leger is merely a copying Alaia.
  9. I agree looks like Alaia designed.
  10. Def looks like Alaia. Wouldn't mind having it myself :smile: