please id Charlotte Gainsbourg's leather jacket

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  1. Hello! Feb 8, 2010's issue of Time features Charlotte Gainsbourg's new album, but I love the leather jacket she is wearing. Here is a snap of the magazine. Can someone help id and a link on where to find it? Thanks!

  2. its balenciaga :smile:
  3. #3 Jan 30, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2010
    ^ TOO bad- that means it's tooooo much mula lol
    It is very nice though
  4. thanks! And sold out in black. I saw a similar Balenciaga moto jacket in brown on their website, but i totally need black. I dont own a leather jacket, so i need to be really sure i can pull it off before i take the plunge. Thanks again!
  5. ^^^ there's lots of threads about it in the Balenciaga section. I'm sure you could track down black with the help of people there. I know a few people got a black one recently...