Please ID Cameron Diaz's shoes!

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  1. [​IMG]

    Posted this in the Balenciaga section this morning and I'm wondering if any of you girls know what the shoes could be ??? Thanks!
  2. Sorry I'm no help but those are cute!
  3. I don't know, but I'm also interested, cause I really love them :smile:
  4. I'm not sure what they are either but they do look cute to me too. Please let us all know if you find out who makes them.
  5. her shoes are hot, but her bag is hotter!!!
  6. I absolutely love the color of those shoes! Sorry I can't ID for ya!
  7. I believe those are Jimmy Choos. What bag is she carrying? A Balenciaga?
  8. ^^

    yup a balenciaga with giant hardware
  9. ^naturel? I :heart: the giant hardware on the day/hobo but I STRONGLY dislike it on the city... or is that a work?
  10. It looks like a work, the city has a shoulder strap. ;)
    Off to search for choo's.
  11. Those are Sergio Rossi. I saw them in the latest Life & Style. $395. I love my Sergio Rossi shoes.
  12. I tried on a very similar Jimmy Choo pair, but the heels are slightly different. These heels definitely look like Sergio Rossi (straight and pointy as opposed to JC's slight curvature).

    And she's wearing my new favorite skinny jeans by William Rast. They are so comfy and flattering for my hideous chicken legs.
  13. Do you know what the style name is called? I like her jeans too. Have been looking for an alternative to my Paige Blue Heights jeans.
  14. Im not sure who makes these lovely pumps either but it looks like Pamela Anderson wears them too - maybe this pic will help someone ID them?
    pointy pamela 6d3d8_157463420.jpg