Please ID Ashley Tisdale's sunglasses !!

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  1. I can read, so I see it is gucci:graucho: but I can't find it in the online shop of the gucci website.
    can someone help me??
    It has to be from the new summer collection I think, I never seen her before with this one.
    Please help me. I love it !!

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  2. Her sunglasses are: Gucci Babouska Studded Sunglasses
  3. are they from this season??
  4. Nooo idea lol .. Sorry
  5. are they available at gucci?
    I can't buy it on the internet, I don't know if it match with my face ^^
    I have to try it on.
  6. No, I didn't see it at but they might be available at a Gucci boutique. GL!
  7. it's funny that she's wearing these becuz i tried this exact pair in Sunglass Hut in NYC. i was at the 6th avenue store. they're cute but they're really heavy so idk.. but honestly the weight really threw me off so i didn't get them. anyways maybe you can call them or something...i was there on friday so maybe they are still there.
  8. I like them!
  9. were they really that heavy? I think they are sooo cute!
  10. Just wondering if you can ID her white beach dress!
    Thanks a million!
  11. thanks!