Please ID a BV bag for me?. page 267 Feb. Elle(US ed.)

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  1. waah, I'm in love with this bag & I don't have a scanner... It's on pg. 267 of the US edition of Elle. Feb 08 with J. Alba on cover.

    Does it have a name? Any photo here of it @ TPF (on elsewhere online) yet?

    It's slouchy with braided squiggles on/through it. Looks light blue (could even be white..the lighting is odd) in this photo..with green, grey, and lilac(?) braiding?

    TIA for any tips!:flowers:
  2. It sounds like one of the bags from the spring/summer collection, which had pale colors and swirl motifs. There's a thread here somewhere with the new spring bags, but I can't remember which one it was.
  3. LaB - check out the Spring/Summer 2008 catalog at What you are looking for may be in there.
  4. Look on page 11 of the catalog...could it be the Barcelona bag?
  5. Thanks ouija, bprimus and jburgh!

    It's like this one ( a screencap from the BV site) but longer/larger w/ different colors?

  6. ^ that bag is new for SS08. Being relatively new to BV, I do not know if the style was ever around before in different colors. Anyone? I'll look in the book store for a Feb. Elle. I really like the cement gray version, but at $3750, I'd have to wait for a BIG sale, lol.
  7. 08 spring don't know the name