Please-- I REALLY need your help deciding!!!!!

  1. I am dying here! Hubby & kids are tired of my fashion shows lol. I need to decide which bags to keep. My only bag I have right now is my khaki/ebony medium Carly. I am trying to to keep 2 of these bags. My problem is I thought the shoulder bag was weird with my arm at first but after putting my stuff in it and swinging it back a bit it seems like a great lighter bag.. I have always loved the ali and now compared to the shoulder I don't know if it is too big? Also, I have never been a big whiskey fan and now I love both bags in whiskey! :rolleyes: So, if you were me, and you could keep 2 of these bags, which one? Which ones look best on me? In all fairness I should have switched my shirt since the black is hard to see and doesn't really match, but hopefully you get the idea. Thanks soo much for all of your opinions!!! I know I can count on my tpf buddies to help me out!
    white ali[​IMG]
    black sig ali[​IMG]
    black leather ali[​IMG]
    whiskey ali
    whiskey shoulder[​IMG]
  2. Sorry the pics don't show me that well, hubby isn't home and he would probably just make fun of me anyway :p
  3. I love the white and the whisky!
  4. I love the white and whiskey Ali's! I hope to snag both of these after Christmas! I've never been a big fan of the shoulder bag it's just too small for my taste.
  5. thanks for the input :tup:
    Do you like the ali or the shoulder better ?
  6. See, that's my problem...I am not a big bag girl, but I also don't like teeny bags... the shoulder is plenty big to hold my things, I just don't know how it is with my "arm fat" :rolleyes: especially with short sleeve shirts and stuff. I love the ali and the look, but it can get heavy too and I really don't carry a lot. :shrugs:
  7. White and whiskey ali on you!!!!

    I like the style of the shoulder bag but much prefer the mandy...
    I like things a little bit larger.

    The black sig is ok but I'd get the Ali's in leather first.
  8. Ugggg. This is a tuff decision. Only two out of the ones pictured? I can get it down to three. The white Ali, whiskey shoulder bag, & black leather shoulder bag. I also love the black sig Ali:heart: ...this is my everyday bag.

    Gosh I:shame: am of no help!!!!!! I have to think about it. Which bags serve your needs best...the Ali or Shoulderbag?
  9. The black sig Ali and the whiskey Legacy Shoulder Bag. No question. You get the lovely leather in the shoulder bag (which is classy and beautiful) and the ease of a sig bag combined w/ the style the Ali has that's all her own.
  10. I like the black leather & whiskey the best. Maybe the Ali in black leather & shoulder bag in whiskey? That's probably what I'd do. But I do like those 2 colors best, not too big on the white. Good luck :tup:
  11. I own a black and a whiskey Ali and that is what I would recommend. If you really like the shoulder bag, keep one bag in whiskey and one bag in black. The white Ali is gorgeous but it is such a hard bag to keep clean. JMHO!
  12. Black leather and whiskey leather Ali. Don't really care for the sig Ali. Love the white too but I would worry too much about the color transfer I keep hearing about. I want to get a black Ali so badly before the Legacy bags disappear from the outlets but I doubt I'll get it. DH would probably have a stroke but I swear with the way he's treating me the last couple of days, if the outlets were closer I'd go anyways. :noggin:
  13. lol you sound like me! :p Well, good question.. I really only carry a checkbook wallet, a wristlet, a small pack of gum and my cell phone. I have 3 kids but they are not babies and not toddlers so I don't need to carry a lot. I am a sahm and don't work, so neither serves a purpose there. I originally wanted the black leather ali, but at first only found the whiskey and white.. fell in love with both, but I am a little afraid of the white.. not to mention if I only have 2 or 3 bags total I don't know how practical white is. I don't wear black near as often as I wear brown. I also have the khaki/black carly... Okay I am rambling... keep the opinions coming!!!! :tup: :flowers:
  14. I agree w/Sissabelle - I would keep the black leather Ali and the whiskey shoulder bag. This way you have two different bags in leather which is pretty much what the Legacy line is all about, and they are different enough to warrant keeping both of them. I dont like white bags - for some reason they remind me of Elvis! Dont ask me why - maybe the whole white jumpsuit thing? Anyway....I prefer the classic colors, and the leather, hence my choices.
  15. between the 2 black ali's I really think I like the signature more.. the black is really dull and weighs quite a bit more, I am liking the siggy more.. the whiskey I love in BOTH bags so I have to figure out which bag is better for me.. decisions decisions. I really like the white but not compared to the black or whiskey.. I have given myself way too many choices!!! :hysteric: