Please!!! I really need help!!!


Which Speedy to Buy!!

  1. Original Speedy

  2. Mini Lin Speedy

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  1. PLease vote Asap!! thanks!!
  2. Original speedy.
  3. Original? You mean the monogram???
  4. If it's your first speedy, I always say monogram.
  5. That's correct - the monogram speedy is the original. Mini lin is a new line.

    Personally, I love the monogram. To me, the mini-lin looks like a grandma bag (LOL!). My SA told me that they have had a lot of complaints on the mini lin, both with pilling/snagging, but also that on the fabric bags if you spill something colored on them, it can be impossible to clean. On monogram speedies - baby wipes.

    I really love my mono speedy (like my Damier Speedy too). The mini lin to me is classic, but kind of boring. If you like the dark brown, how about damier? Same colors, a little more "punch" and nicer quality.

    I still love the mono best!
  6. Monogram Speedy!
  7. I vote mono!
  8. :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
  9. monogram speedy for me :p
  10. I agree :yes:
  11. You can't go wrong with a classic, mono.
  12. Yup, get mono, mono speedy is my first piece.
  13. definantely monogram!!
  14. i'm not crazy about the Mini Lin line, but i would prefer that over the Monogram because it's not as common. EVERYBODY has a Monogram Speedy
  15. Well, not EVERYBODY has a mono speedy. ;) I hope to have one for Christmas though! It's a classic and I think that's why so many people aspire to get one.