Please...I need your opinion

  1. This is my story:I've bought a pocket Paddy in roche color.Unfortunately as soon as I came back to my home,I've realized my bag has a manufacturing default(a tip-rivet?-missed),I returned back to shop:no other bag with this color.So my bag came back to Paris and after to Italy for repairing.One week,2weeks,3weeks:my Paddy stills in Italy!:hysteric: I was so fed up with waiting(everyday someone told me:"promiss you'll have your bag in 2 or 3 days"but:nothing!!!),that I've changed my mind :I took a pocket Paddy in another color:galet.
    Galet(as roche) is a versatile color:it's a sort of pinkish grey,sometimes grey,sometimes beige.
    Did I make a mistake???Do you like this color?It's a little bit darker on reality(versatile colors are really hard to shot)
    Thanks,I need to be reassured:sad:
    paddy.JPG detail paddy.JPG
  2. I like it! :yes: It's very similar to sable except it has a greyish undertone. It's a versatile colour that can be worn day or night. It can do casual or glam.

    What colour is roche? I have no idea what half these colours are unless I see them. :p

    I think what's important is that you must love it! If you don't love it, then I don't think you should keep it. :sad:
  3. I really like it too. I saw it IRL and think it's a great versatile color for all year round.
  4. Thanks so much for these answers!About roche:it's a dark brown with some black(sometimes it looks kaki,sometimes brown taupe).You can watch it on US eBay,the seller hgbags have actually a roche paddy.
    The shop doesn't exchange(I took my galet bag instead of waiting for my roche),in fact,:idea: the real question is :
    Should I spare again to buy another in roche color,or should I just forget it 'cause galet is as nice as roche?
  5. OK. I've just had a look, and I personally prefer the one you have!!! The roche ... just doesn't do it for me... It's not quite chocolate, and it's not quite green... It's a hard colour to dress. I think the one you have is definitely more versatile. IMO.
  6. I really like the galet. I think it is more versatile. Your bag is gorgeous!!!
  7. Leanbeanee:you're really nice:yes:
    Crouner:you absolutely know what you're talking about...;)
  8. I love your Galet Front Pocket Paddy! She looks beautiful! :yahoo:

    I have a Roche Edith (see my avatar pic) and I love the colour but personally think it suits the Edith more than the Paddy style :love:
  9. You Edith looks gorgeous!I love the edith's style(I've begun my chloé's addiction with a whisky...(ecureil)Edith!Thanks for your nice words.
  10. I think it's very pretty and perfect for spring/summer! :nuts: