Please i need your opinion on these Wallets


Feb 1, 2006
tomorrow is my off day so i intend to go to LV boutique and get myself a wallet for everyday use,i am looking for a durable wallet and posibble un-scratchable type.
I listed here a few of my choices....which one you think is good for everyday use ?


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:love: the first two!!!! I hear that the Vernis scratches easily though. If you're going for durability and function, my vote goes to the first two b/c they're also stylish.
red epi :love: is my favorite, but everyday use....i'd go with the classic monogram. classis, durable, harder to see dirt, and its just plain gorgeous. i'm not and mc fan though so i may be biased :lol:
The most durable of the bunch is definitely the Mono although I use a vernis wallet everyday and have not had any problem with scratching. The bigger concern with Vernis is color transfer. Are you looking at the PTI or Porte-Monnaie?
You're stuck with the mono if you're worried about durable. However, I noticed you have two Vernis items on your list which makes me think you're eyeing those more. In my expierence, they're not that weak and water resistance does win over canvas.
Totally agree with LVgirly above about the transfer being the bigger issue ^^