Please, I need your help on Chloe bag ASAP

  1. I can't believe I bought this bag without doing further research. Now I feel like kicking myself in the head. I bought the Chloe Silverado Medium Bag from seller: danielleboutique

    I thought that since she is a reputable/square-trade member and owns a store, it would be authentic. Have anyone dealt with this seller before? Please let me know ASAP before I pay for the bag. I feel really bad. I really appreciate your help.

  2. Well, there aren't really enough photos to say and that one looks like a stock photo. The good thing is that she has a money back guarantee if it's not authentic (and states this more than once). We would need more photos to know for sure. The price is at least not a red flag. Can you ask for more pics?
  3. I agree, there is not enough pictures to know if that bag is real.

    Once you get it we would be happy to help you out since she does offer a money-back guarantee.
  4. I put that seller on the risky eBay seller list because last summer I noticed one of their auctions with lots of pics of Marc Jacobs and I could tell the bag they were showing was fake - normally they just show stock photos. I know someone who swears they got a different authentic bag from them a few years back or so they say - I never saw it. If you toolhaus that seller though they have lots of other issues. You should be able to get your money back if you need, but if you can get out now I'd do it.....
  5. The listing price is right. But your accepted Best Offer seems low for an authentic bag. Perhaps she just wants to clear inventory though.

    If Blu saw fake MJ's then I would agree about risk factor. When a Seller can live with selling 1 fake bag, then there is no reason to trust the authenticity of others.
  6. I agree about the lack of photos. She is showing one bag that very well could be an authentic pic but you have no way of knowing if that is the bag you will receive. I would not pay - a brand new Silverado is $1200 plus - why would she accept a best offer? Mine is used (in new condition) and authentic and if I were to sell it, I would not take a best offer; I'd price it fairly, though not $400 under retail!
  7. Roey - I'm not sure how to take your post. Do you mean that she charged too little? I agree that for a new bag that the pricing is a bit low. I do think that in some ways silverado is not as appreciated due to the market for the paddy and the edith, and maybe that's why it's going as it is.

    Devoted - Everyone is right about the picture. It's too few to tell much from it and it does look like a stock picture. Post pictures when you get it and we should be able to tell more then. Good luck!
  8. Yes, it is priced too low. If I wanted to price a brand new Silverado for under retail (let's use your example that it is not as appreciated as the Paddington and Edith and my goal was to sell and take a loss), I would not set it up as a best offer auction; I would start the opening bid with the amount I could afford to lose, and let people bid up from there. However, that's just me.

    Even still, the photo does look like a stock photo. There are no photos showing close ups of logos, leather, interior, tags, etc. I would not chance it. If you want an authentic Silverado check the Marketplace on this forum or search Roz or Leshent's auctions. They both sell authentic bags and might accept an offer for a bit less than retail, but certainly not $400 under retail.
  9. I bought a Tod's bag from danielleboutique (by the way, it's a guy) about 4 years ago. Took it to the Tod's boutique at South Coast, yep, it was real. Not that that means anything now....
  10. Wow, I really appreciate all you gals who helped me with this problem.
    I contacted her yesterday afternoon after the auction ended and told her that I wanted more pictures. She said that the bag arrive/shipped from someplace else and she does not have the actual bag to take a picture. She said that I can check her feedback and also take the bag to the nearest Nieman Marcus or other retail store to authenticate it. I asked her if I will get my 100% money back if it's not authentic? She said yes. So, I thought it won't hurt to buy it and if it's not what described I can return it and loss my shipping.

    One thing that made me suspicious is that she billed me for $800 plus $50 for shipping. I contacted her and she apologized and asked me for my paypal email so she can send me the correct shipping charge of $35. She haven't replied or send my new invoice yet. I've sent her 2 emails...

    Again, thanks gals for your help.

  11. Sorry, this sounds like a huge fake to me. And Neiman Marcus CANNOT authenticate - their s/a's do not have the knowledge to tell the real from the fake. Trust me, the people on this forum know tons more than s/a's. If the seller doesn't have the actual bag in her possession then it isn't wise to buy. Feedback means nothing - lots of sellers have 100% good feedback and still sell fakes. If a buyer thinks they received a real bag (and many do), they leave good feedback.

    I think if you go thru with this transaction you'd be nuts. Why don't you contact a Bloomingdale's store that carries Chloe? They always have an assortment of Silverados and the Friends and Family event that is going on this weekend is 20% off - Chloe included.

    It isn't hard to locate a Chloe bag without resorting to ebay. All it takes is a telephone, a voice and some tenacity - but so many people are lazy and would search ebay for a bargain and take a huge risk.
  12. Thanks for your reply.

    I contacted to seller and she is willing to cancel my order without hurting my feedback. I'm so happy and relief. I learned by lesson and will not make this stupid mistake again.

  13. I'm glad she won't leave bad feedback for you and that it all worked out. It must be a fake then, and she knows it!