Please I need your help deciding between these 2 bags.

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  1. Okay TPF'ers I need your advice please. I know you can do it.:P
    Going to LV today, with the purpose of wanting to kinda replace my GM Neverfull.
    The two that I am needing advice between are the Totally and the Raspail.
    Obviously both are not exactly like the GM Neverfull and I'm not looking for that. Here is what I am looking for that will help you choosing for me.
    1) Not too large but not too small
    2) Wanting to be able to use it for travel, but also have it look proper to use when not traveling.
    3) Wanting to use it when I food shop so it must be able to fit some empty cloth bags, along with my regular stuff, for when I pack the bags back home.
    4) My other home is located in a tropical country, (low humidity for the next 6 months), and this is what I have been doing with my Neverfull, but hubby is always worried about that bag because it has no zipper. These two models do.
    5) One that will suit me, my frame, coloring and in your opinion, my sense of style from viewing the pics.You can view a couple photos of me (sorry not that great but hopefully they will be good enough for you to judge) from a reveal I did on the Hermes board. Here is the link.
    I'm only looking at these two models thanks. A couple of weeks ago I spent approx. 5k between a gift for my hubby, did a reveal, and one on myself, no reveal as of yet ;), so not looking to overdose on the price of another purchase today.
    I really wanted to put this board up last night to allow more time, but just was so busy.
    I want to thank each and everyone of you that can offer your opinions this morning with this and am excited to hear what you have to say, as I really needing rescuing on this.:biggrin:
  2. Forgot to mention as well, that I am over 40, feel 25 though :roflmfao: and even though most times I don't care that I am wearing something that someone else could view as too young. It's all in how you pull it together to create your look. Age is just a number, right.
    But with that being said, I don't want the bag to look too young or awkward on me. A little hesitant regarding the Totally, you know people calling it a Mommy bag. I'm not a Mommy, well maybe once in awhile to hubby, ;) :roflmfao: ;), but I hope you know what I mean.
  3. i have the raspail mm and love it!!! it's like a more structured NF!! yes it has a zipper that does up like a coat... so you can totally undo it or leave it done up. i am not a fan of the totally as i do think it looks like a mommy bag (yes!! just my opinion :graucho:) and i find it doesn't look dressed up if you need it to. but the raspail can look casual, abit dressy and it fits a lot!! and the little belt on the handles is a little bonus!!!:biggrin: also i'm 48!!
  4. I also vote for Raspail mm! I don't own either of these bag, but Raspail does catch my attention. It is like a more proper version of neverfull. And i agree it can be used dressed up or casual. I don't want to offend anybody, but totally is too bland..
  5. I personally don't own both, but I've tried them on at the LV boutique before I had purchased my NF. The Raspail seemed a little too stiff for me. The Totally I really liked because it seemed more like a travel bag as well as a bag for on the go... Also my aunt has one and she loves it! It doesn't matter if you're over 40, you will still look awesome rockin either purse!
  6. Awe thanks so much for your opinions thus far. Just heading into the shower, lol.
    I shouls also mention, that this will not be my only bag to wear, so I really am not worried about it being used for dress up occasions, just wanted to put that out there, for informational purposes. :smile:

    Thanks so much and keep your opinions to help me coming.
    I'll check back later when out of the shower. :smile:
  7. I am not a totally fan, so most things will beat that if tossed in the ring together. It's too bad the cabas mezzo is out of the collection, because I think that was the best tote.

    I would find the raspail zipper frustrating to keep having to reconnect, but I like it better as a bag, given your description of your needs and such.

    I know it's against the rules, but I have to just ever so quickly mention evora. ;) Couldn't help it!
  8. I own both bag Totally gm & Raspail mm. I love both bags, for me they have to be functional & light weight cuz I carry alotta my things & my baby things. U can't go wrong either bag. I think I'm no help huh? Sorry...... Absolutely no way the Totally does not look like or feel like a diaper bag. Good luck!
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    Hey don't be sorry and that's great you own both. But I am a little slow at the moment :biggrin: are you saying the Totally DOES look like a mommy bag OR it does NOT.left side brain thing lol, lol

    So I guess I will look at both and try them on. Oh also I will ask about the Evora that jessicalistic suggested.
    Thanks for that by the way, just what I need, more choices to make it harder for me. ;)

    Just hate when I'm not sure. Wish me luck. :biggrin:

  10. I think the Totally MM would suit your needs... It's a very comfy bag whereas the Raspail is more structured. For food shopping, I think the Totally is perfect. You can even fold up an extra bag to pop into the pockets for easy access.
  11. Totally. I do not think it looks like a mom bag. It is just a super tote
  12. Sorry double post
  13. I vote Totally.
  14. I have to agree with this - evora is by far the stand out, i'd save for it.

  15. Totally ! Happy shopping!